About Our Designer

Since her childhood, Ms. Varsha Gowri Kannan has had a keen eye for arts and designs.
After completing her ISC specializing in Fashion and Arts, she pursued Diploma in Fashion Fit
and Style from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. After which,
she interned with Internationally acclaimed designer Robert Naorem, Imphal and Daniel
Syiem, Shillong and there was no turning back.
Having interned with multiple cultures and nationalities, Varsha has developed her unique
sense of style and fashion and has implemented the same through Nesavu. All the designs
and patterns you see here are solely designed by her.
Ms. Varsha is currently pursuing her BA (Hons) Fashion Design from University of
Glocestershire, Cheltenham, UK.

Our Designer's Collection at Sangai Festival 2019 Manipur